Box Guttering

Gutter Lining

Entire Services eliminate the risk of leaks which are normally common with lead & metal valleys and box gutters by installing a Liquid Plastic system.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the installation, on both new builds or retro fit installs, we can ensure that a new seamless, weatherproof system is installed to provide a future proof, maintenance free lining.

For larger box valleys and guttering we can offer a range of colour options and an additional top coat anti slip option.  Our anti slip top coat still offers the standard protection as our normal topcoat but gives extra grip for wet conditions.

Our coating system is proven waterproofing system, ideal for protecting eaves & gutter systems. Once completed, the unique joint reinforcement system allows for the thermal expansion and movement of the gutter.

The non-chalking, semi-gloss finish helps to shed water and deter moss growth making future gutter cleans easier.

Standing Water

Standing water in a metal gutter accelerates corrosion of the substrate, ultimately resulting in failure if the gutter is not adequately protected with a high performance waterproof coating system. However, if corrosion is arrested with Rooflock Gutter Coating System before any structural damage occurs, the long term performance of the gutter can be safeguarded without need for replacement. We recommend that all gutters are regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure free flow of water to the drains. Standing water promotes the growth of organic matter, which can clog the gutter and cause leaks if the water backs up into the building.


- Seamless Coating System

- Reduced Installation Time

- No Disturbance to Roofing Sheets

- Moss Growth Deterrent

- Unique Joint Reinforcement

- Doesn't Restrict Flow Rate

- Cold Applied

Gutter Maintenance & Cleaning

Regularly maintained gutters can save thousands of pounds worth of damage to property and goods.  Our teams can attend site with the correct access equipment to carry out gutter cleans in the safest way. In addition to this, we can carry out minor repairs whilst on site using a variety of semi permanent materials.