EV Charging


Entire Services are approved Rolec installers, meaning we can proficiently install a variety of Roles charging point products.  Whether you're looking for a domestic wall pod for your home or multiple commercial charging points for a much larger space, we can help.

Our qualified electricians are experienced in installing electric vehicle charging points and can carry out efficient and cost effective installation to suit your needs.

Although you can use a standard 230v plug socket to charge your electric vehicle, it is recommended that this method is only used as temporary or occasional method of charging.  This is due to the safety features found inside the charging stations which provide additional protection to the end users that isn't possible through a standard 230v plug socket.  In addition to this the speed of charging through the correct charging point is more efficient and quicker, which is ultimately a huge benefit.


More recently Entire Services installed a Rolec duel 22kw charging point at the depo of Scania Trucks in Warrington. Read about this further in our case studies.

If you're thinking of getting an electric vehicle, then make sure you get in contact with us for a competitive quotation for the supply and installation of your charging point.