GSE In-Roof


GSE In-Roof System

Certified and guaranteed for 15 years

Designed and manufactured in France, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is reliable and watertight. Tested in extreme conditions, the product is certified by various European bodies.


  • Certified conception and design

  • Easy and quick to install

  • Installation in portrait and landscape format

  • Ensures a perfect and durable watertightness

  • Compatible with 95% of the framed modules on the market

  • Non-flame propagator

  • Optimized ventilation to maximize PV station production


GSE Solutions

When installing Solar Pv on roofs, there are two typical mounting solutions.  Most Solar Pv systems in the UK use the traditional On-Roof mounting method using hooks and rails. These solution are fantastic and offer great quality and affordability for retrofit installations.


GSE In-Roof mounting offers solutions for builders, developers and homeowners who are looking to install a sleek and stylish In-Roof system.