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Team Players

Updated: Mar 19

Over the next coming days, weeks and months, nothing is going to be more vital to the recovery of our society & community than great leadership.

This must be implemented across all aspects of life, from government level, community level and business level.

Amongst the current crisis, we've already begun to see society fall into what I believe to be three clear categories. Which category we choose, is down to ourselves. It's our sole choice, but this choice will, and has already stated to effect how efficiently we cope with the coronavirus.

As individuals, we have a responsibility to do the right thing for the greater good of everyone in our society.

The three categories we're beginning to see (In my view) are:

1) The Quitters.

These individuals are going to become victims, they will use any opportunity available to give excuses as to why things have turned out the way they have. Why their failings are because of cover-19. Can't pay rent? Covid-19, Can't work? Covid-19. We're seeing on LinkedIn, excuses to why invoices that can't be paid. Some of these invoices are from January, due in February and have no links to Coronavirus. Poor Excuse!

Of course, economically, we're going to feel the purse strings tighten and it's clear that this epidemic will hit everyone financially. This may actually be a genuinely usable excuse for future cash flow issues but not yet, surely??

We shouldn't quit at this easily!

Imagine it as a game of rugby. One of your team mates gets tackled firmly. If they exaggerate on the severity of the injury and quit when not justified, all this does is let the team down and put pressure on everybody else. Don't have a victim mindset!

2) The Selfish

This is the most common types of people we are seeing and the most dangerous to society. This is also a category that can easily draw you in, even for the biggest of team players. It's a survival instinct to look after number one. We see this on the news (Daily), on social media and even in supermarkets. These individuals are the ones who are stock piling and buying more than what is ever needed. They have no concerns for anyone else, and have a head down plough forward at all costs mentanlity. Their main concerns are how THEY will survive this, how THEY will get through with no real consideration to what the destination will look like on the other side. So long as they're ok in the here and now nothing else matters. Pure selfish and completely unnecessary!

All this does is creates weaknesses in our society. Don't be drawn in, act with integrity.

3) Team Players

Undoubtedly the most important category. These are the leaders and the group of people that will help to ensure the cohesion of society as a whole. We see this from the Prime Minister daily. Although peoples views on Borris, may differ, what is important os that he is standing in front and leading in a way that is believed to be the best for society. He's not immune to the CV, it can, may, and probably will effect the PM as much as anyone else. There is no them and us, we're all up shit creek together!

People may not agree with the policies or the actions that the PM is taking to fight the virus, however what is important is that we have some form of direction and some form of strategy.

This must also be implemented into business, leaders must continue to stay liquid, stay reactive to the situation and encourage the staff and team around them. Together, we will get through this with a clear and calm mindset. Plans must be made daily in a reactive manner, there is no text book to follow. We are writing the modern history of a global infectious disease. How its recorded in the history books is based on our actions!

We mustn't be drawn into the selfish category, we mustn't panic buy, but we must keep our team sprit alive and work together.

Again to use the rugby analogy, we must keep our line tight and stay in formation. Move up the field together. If a team member, falls ill, we must tighten the the line, fill the gaps and pick up the slack.

If all of my team fall ill, I will be here. I will work day and night to support them, their families, my family and my clients! There is no them and us, we pick up the slack and we carry on. We help each other no matter the situation.

Social distancing, is an example of how being a strong team player will allow services such as the NHS to cope with the demands and increased strains on their resources. This ultimately will save lives in the long run! How we act now has a direct impact on how many "000" will be added to the final death toll of this awful virus.

Don't quit, don't be selfish and stay positive and a team player!